Welcome to my personal site on Internet!

My tiny little corner on “The Net” to share with you a bit more about myself, my professional life, my interests and how can I impact onto your project!


With more +10 years experience in the engineering & operations field including R&D, supply chain, org. transformation, automotive and much more!


In love with creativity, I spend a great part of the day coming up with new ideas and creations! Now really obsessed with typography art and sport clothing design!


If I need to define myself as the way I face life, here it is. Love to start new projects and offer new and original things to people. Definitely, I am an entrepeneur.


My great passion, photography. The visual expression of an instant frozen in time. With +1000 customers worlwide that hold a piece of my printed art!!


Now enrolled in a life-changing expierence of travelling around the world!! More than 6 months in contact with different countries, cultures, continents, landscapes. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Life Lover

Overall, yes, I love life and all the interactions with others and our beloved planet. And yes, this is probably the facet I practice 24/7!


Well, yes, I am value driven and I truly believe they can take me anywhere so please see on the side 😉


Almost everything catches my attention! I love to discover new things everyday. That´s why I try to constantly be learning new things and skills as well as visiting new places!


Is there anything more beautiful than creating and designing? Well, I think we were brought to this world to create new things, ways of thinking and to share them for the benefit of all.


I don´t mind to follow rules at all. But I truly believe that be given autonomy to follow your hunches and beliefs is the truly way to provide value to this world and this what I ultimately love to do!


Probably heavily influenced by my zodiacal condition, but I found fairness and justice to be key in my values’ list. I thrive for make decision and approach people and situations free from self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism.


Which it does not mean to be happy at all times!! It is about approach things in life lookking at the bright side and truly feeling that I am able to achieve all drawbacks life can put me through.


No, I don´t know more than 5 decimals of PI number by heart. This is not about being erudite. It is going toward a great understanding of myself, my possibilities and specially my limitations. I love to use the knowledge I acquire to take creative and courageous action to solve problems, create opportunities, and increase the well-being of all.

Yeah! I love photography... So here are some of my recent shots:


The following 30.09.2019 I will be starting my trip around the world. A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that obviously I will be sharing accross! Want to follow me while I am away doing my round the world trip? Start now following my IG account!

Some figures of my life until 2018: