and muchas gracias for sparing some time in my website! So you would like to know more about me huh? Well this is the place to do it. Hopefully you can reach the bottom of the page! Knowing myself, I might left there a free download link or a voucher code for a 50% off on an online retailer!!

So, it all started in the 80’s (yeah! like most of the great stories!! Such a decade…).

As you might have guessed from this big “Hola!!!” at the beginning of the page, you are right, I am spaniard! To be more precise, born in Madrid, the great capital of that beautiful sunny country!!

My first few years were attached to Madrid as I carried out my school education and uni studies there (well, with a little incursion in Italy which it did not go as expected….). That meant I barely moved my family house for about twenty some years, funny fact, as soon I will be moving to my 23rd property!!

Back in the early 2000s I started my master’s degree in industrial engineering. And few years later I happily finish it :). They were great years of my life, however, I must recognize it, I did work hard throughout those years and I like to think that this effor has paid off as I am now a really diligent person when I am conveniently motivated.

It was during those years at uni when my passion for living abroad started. So I decided to try an Erasmus program in la citta di Milano, in Italy. It did not go as expected (interested? then go to the success and not-as-successful stories section to discover more) so the experience did not fulfill my expectations and my desire was not appeased.

There was when I learned:

If you fall or life makes you falling then lay down a bit there, stretch yourself, probably take a little nap and then come back up!!

And this is what I did. Thanks to this, few years later, I was moving to the USA to fulfill my great dream!!

Those were actually great years of my life. Sometimes a bit hard obviously, (specially the beginnings) but overall I keep amazing memories, but above all, awesome friends!

The dream lasted almost two years. After that, as always, the powerful force of love brought me back to Europe, more precisely, back to Spain. The time there did not last too much but again I bumped into great people and experiences there.

For the last few years I have got my residence in England, in the city of Birmingham (apparently the biggest city of the UK after London, but obviously not well sold as I did not even heard of it before coming haha)

During those years in the UK, a great transformation happened inside and outside me. I switched off what is commonly known as the AP (Automatic Pilot) and started to balance what my brain and my heart were demanding from myself.

My life is full of changes, and I am about to make another big one now once I left my well paid and positioned job in one of the world-class luxury automotive makers based here in the Midlands.

However, this time I do not have 100% clear where I want to go and how I want to do it. This can certainly seem scary, but, contrary, I feel relieved as I have the impression that I have on my reach every single opportunity I would like to chase.

More than starting, I would say that the adventure continues :). And I truly believe this time I will find and meet great new people that will influence my life, my beliefs, but I am also sure that I will be able to transform them as well.


So these are my greatest passions and some curious facts around them 😉


My first camera was gifted to me when I was 9, and it did not come from any of my direct family members but from the non-shared grandma of my cousin. I used it for about 8 years and it still works perfectly apart from the flash light :(.


Love to visit new places, I obviously tried the experience of solo travelling (something I strongly recommend) and I had within my plans to make a round the world trip (RTW) during few months. At least I have a big map at home with the steps more or less drafted…


Oh yes! I have a well-known-among-my-friends passion for karaokes and singing. During weeks and months I have been sharing my singing or fav songs with several groups in my whatsapp to cheer them up on Mondays and Fridays! Mondays are less hard with good motivating music!!!


Hmm… Who doesn’t love saving?? OMG, one of my greatest passions indeed. Probably a financial guy would tell me that I lose more money than earn if the hours I spent looking for the best vouchers are accounted for in the overall P&L…


I love those little boxes (computers) where magic happens. My first PC at home was an x286 processor and I always tried to turn on the lights using QBASIC programming language… I certainly set the base of AI for devices like Alexa, etc, hehe.


Did you know I am a Certified Masseur, specialized in Swedish Deep Tissue Massages? Well, I love all kind of hydrotherapy and massage techniques. I aim to have one done every two weeks!! I honestly think we underestimate the power of massaging!